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Tuesday, April 26, 2011



Edited: A couple of people have asked me what stamp I have used here. It is from A Muse... sorry, I should have said that.

Did everyone have a lovely relaxing long weekend? Here in Australia we have one more day off to enjoy due to Anzac Day.

So I have been busy experimenting with different products and techniques. For the two cards below, I have used Perfect Pearls... I have not used it before and I have mixed feelings about it. I am only showing you these cards today in the hope that you might be able to offer some advice.

I stamped the image (ballerina) using a wet ink and then brushed the perfect pearls over the top. I then also mixed some perfect pearls with water and spritzed both cards - they have a lovely shimmer.

Ok, first off, how do I 'set' the perfect pearls so it does not come off - I did spray it lightly with water - is there anything else I should be using?

Also with this second card (because I have used a darker card stock I assume) there is too much perfect pearls around the image, which makes the sentiment appear smudgy - any recommendations on how to remove it without wiping off too much of the perfect pearls?

And lastly, any tips on how to photograph these cards so that the shimmer comes through?

Hoping someone out there has used this product and can help me :)

Have a great day.

Jay Gee


Brandi said...

These are beautiful!!!

Jen W. said...

These are both lovely. I love the big bow and the smattering of gems on the first one. The ruffles on the top of the second one are perfect - like the curtains above a stage. :)

Looking forward to reading whatever tips come in as I have yet to try Perfect Pearls.

Karen B. said...

I'm drawing a blank on how to help you with all your questions but I do have to say that despite your troubles these cards are beautiful! They really showcase how different the same stamp can be.

AnitaRex said...

So pretty! What stamps are those? I love the ballerina stamp! I usually use perfect pearls by mixing it with water and spritzing before I stamp. I don't think you need to set perfect pearls I think it has something in it that sets it. Otherwise you could use hairspray. :> Now sure otherwise! :>

jen said...

Wish I could be of help, but I don't have an answer either... I do love the cards though!
Congrats on your wee memories honors! :)

Lynn said...

I have never used perfect pearls so I am sorry I can't help. I love both cards. The scallops on the second one are incredible!

One Paper Heart said...

Haven't used Perfect Pearls but saw a video where they used VersaMark to stamp image then brush on PP powder with a small brush and use another small soft brush to pounce down the powder then dusting excess powder off. Finish by spritzing with water in a mini spray and leave to dry.I hope this might help Judith. PS your emails keep coming back have sent 2 do not know what's wrong. Beautiful cards.

Isha said...

Gorgeous gorgeous cards. Love your use of perfect pearls. I just walk my card thru water mist. little bit mist will help.
P.S. Which stamp is this???

Emily Leiphart said...

Judith, these are both gorgeous cards! They are so girlie with all the pinks. I've never used the Perfect Pearls product before so I'm sorry I can't offer any suggestions.

Anonymous said...

These are both so pretty Judith! Love the Perfect Pearls! :)

Jane said...

Just GORGEOUS!! both of them!

Trexxann said...

Hi Judith, your cards are adorable as always! I'm not sure if you've seen these tutorials by Jennifer McGuire, but she has some great techniques in this post. I have Perfect Pearls which I have yet to play with, so sadly I am of no help with first hand knowledge. They are supposed to set with just water, but if all else fails, maybe a spray fixative would help?
Oh,the link!

Chrysalis said...

These are lovely, Jay. I've never used perfect pearls so can't help - but then I reckon they look great anyway! I loved Sunday's cards, too - especially the bunny costume! x

~Tammy~ said...

Judith, these are so beautiful! I love that image!

Amber said...

Awwww! I love this. That ballerina silhouette brings me back to my dancing days. This is such a perfect card for any girl! Great Job!