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Friday, March 2, 2012

Photo Friday Challenge


I am very late posting this week's photo challenge entry... the theme Carly set was "sweetness" ... however, no one would describe me as "sweet" after this week!

First off, I could not think of a composition... my initial thought was a photo of the kids but they are in their late teens, "sweetness" is not a term I would use for them, LOL.

My daughter did offer on Saturday to make a Pavlova for me - she finally got around to it tonight - the challenge closes tomorrow!

Then I bought the wrong cream and it would not whip so a quick dash to the shops was in order... I had to go to three different shops before I found one open.

Then I take the Pavlova out of the oven and the whole centre collapsed! I could have cried. I had to take the picture from the side instead of showing the whole thing.

Ok... I have to go get ready for work. Thanks for visiting.

Jay Gee


Michelle said...

OMG, collapsed or not, this looks delicious! I hope you still ate it. :-)

Rose said...

this looks yummy!!
never had one so collapsed or not it looks great to me :)

hope your day gets better :)

jen said...

You poor dear! It looks positively lovely- would have assumed you took it from that angle for interest! ;)

Dawn said...

Giggling here Judith... only because I think you did a superb job of the photo after such a poor start. I too have been struggling with a composition for "sweetness" - may have to give this week a miss.

Ange Kelly said...


Antoinette Seminario-Skinner said...

I think it still looks great!
I was late posting too, but mostly because we have had tornado warnings and thunderstorms several times this week!! I had to go to my mother-in-law's because they have a basement, we don't. To top it off my husband was at work through each of the storms- I'll take a caved-in Pavlova ANY day over my week!! hehehe, It looks delicious, and I think you got a great shot!!

Anonymous said...

Oooh that looks so yummy Judith! Even if it collapsed I'd definitely still eat it! LOL

Meadie said...

Yummo Judith! I think your photo is great and I bet that pavlova tasted good, hugs x x

Elizabeth Allan said...

Wouldn't have known Judith... This is a deliciously sweet photo!

Sue said...

it looks good enough for me to eat Judith, I am sure it still tasted yummy! :)